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  • January 31st, 2018
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Nobody wants to lose their independence, especially within their own home. Unfortunately, growing older often sees independence curtailed, but there are ways to avoid this from happening. Here are just three steps to take to keep you in your home without sacrificing independence or putting your wellbeing at risk.


  1. Install a Stairlift


Stairlifts have improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world, and they’ve become even better thanks to advancements in technology. Sat in the comfortable and supportive seat, the mere turn of a joystick can see you going up or down the stairs without risking injury or discomfort. Stairlifts can work around many obstacles and fit almost any types of stairs, and people are often surprised by how affordable they can be. Instead of dreading each trip to the upper floor, effectively cutting you off from part of your home, you’ll be able to ride up and down in total comfort.



  1. Add a Bath Lift


A nice warm bath can be the perfect way to soothe sore joints, and yet getting in and out of the tub can present its own set of challenges. Having to lower yourself in can be tricky, and it can be even harder to pull yourself up and out when you’re still wet. A bath lift is the perfect way around this issue. You’ll be able to have the lift lower you into the water and then raise you out of it when you’re done. You won’t even have to change the tub itself – a lifting mechanism will fit around it.


  1. Pick Up a Riser Recliner


You’re going to spend far more time sitting down in a nice chair than walking up and down the stairs or taking a bath, so you should consider a riser recliner chair rather essential. As much as it’s nice to sit back and rest your legs, it’s always tough to unwind when you know the discomfort of getting up from the seat will soon need to be faced. A riser recliner moves you gently to a standing position with ease, so you can lean back and relax fully into your chair, safe in the knowledge that getting up again will be simple.

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