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  • January 3rd, 2018
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There have always been contradicting views regarding single sex education. Boys and girls have the same ability to learn but there is no denying the fact that boys and girls learn differently and have different interests. Single sex education has a long history in Western culture and it has been promoted by different schools of thought.

What makes them unique?


1. Specialized education: Many times girls outperform boys in the knowledge and skill test, they also score higher in arts and reading. In case of a single sex education, the curriculum will be tailored to suit the needs and interest of the boys.

2. Complete focus on boys: In case of single sex education, there is no requirement to plan a curriculum which includes both the sexes. You can simply focus on the interest of boys. Boys enjoy different activities and the school can allow them to make the most of it.

3. Self-discovery: Single Sex education will provide an atmosphere which is free from stereotypes. The boys can comfortably learn about the route to manhood. They can determine their true selves and remain confident about their emotional identity.

4. Greater opportunities: In a boy’s only school, boys will have greater opportunities to discover and express themselves in the way they like. It is a safer place for boys where they can be admired and encouraged.

5. Comfortable with nontraditional subjects and activities: In a boys only school, the boys will be encouraged to break down stereotypes and pursue their interests. They can choose to be a part of the choir or take up art as an optional subject. They will be encouraged to pursue their interests freely without being judged or compared with the opposite sex.


The advantage of boy’s school


The advantages of a single sex school are realized at a young age. The child is allowed to grow up in a free environment without facing any comparison with the opposite sex. It allows the child to grow and accept their emotional identity. The boys also find freedom to learn and succeed. Boys schools provide a network to the boys and allow them to stay connected and socialize with other boys. Private Boys School, Croydon is highly recommended by parents who prefer single sex education. Located in Croydon, the school offers education to children aged 2 to 13 years. The school celebrates the individuality of the child and provides a student friendly environment for them to grow in. Private Boys School, Croydon has developed a curriculum that is ideal for boys and also promotes a lot of sport and co-curricular activities for the overall development of the child.


The school offers an outstanding start to education with an exceptional curriculum and facilities provided to the children. They are allowed to pursue their interests and choose the subjects that they find interesting. The school maintains high academic standards and offers impressive opportunities for overall development of the child.

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