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  • March 26th, 2018
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Those power bills seem to get higher and higher every year, and especially for those people out there living in larger homes with many residents. But, there are some things which we all can do to get those bills lowered.

Everybody can with just a few basic measures substantially lower their bills by up to 30%. Don’t forget that lower bills also mean significant savings for the environment!


Try Using less Power


• Start by switching off any lights which you’re simply not using. While this amounts to small savings, it will soon add up in the long run.

• Make use of those special light bulbs that help to lower your electric bill, by using less power.

• You should also use timers or motion sensors for exterior lighting.


Make Appliances More User Friendly


• Find different ways to stop using devices which use up lots of power.

• Try hanging clothes out in good weather rather than using a dryer.

• Getting a gas meter upgrade, is also a wonderful idea.

• Is that washing machine working properly? It might be doing more rinses than you wish for, so observe it over the period of one wash..

• Use the dishwasher only when full, and let dishes air dry.

• Get rid of or store somewhere anything which you don’t frequently use. (If it’s an old fridge, remove the door ASAP for child safety)


Try to Cut Back on Heating and Cooling Requirements


• Electrical heating will obviously use plenty of electricity, (especially in the colder months) so try to find ways to reduce your needs.

• During those colder months, try fully opening your curtains and let the sun warm your home and then keep them closed during when the sun is down to help with insulation.

• In the summertime, try closing the curtains during the hottest part of the day to keep rooms cooler.


Keep Appliances Clean


• A lot of good people still don’t know or have simply forgotten that dirty coils and filters will slow down the efficiency of some devices, so make sure to clean them regularly.

• Clean the air filters in heating systems, and replace them if necessary.

• Make a point of regularly cleaning the lint trap in the clothes dryer, as if not it will make your dryer work harder.

• Condenser coils on fridges and freezers should be cleaned a couple of times a year to make it work properly and efficiently.

Make the Change to Energy Efficient Devices


• Eco friendly washers and dryers will save on your bills, as will refrigerators and hot water heaters which are specially designed to use less energy.

• Electrical devices such as computers and cell phone chargers continue using power even when not in use, so just turn them off and unplug them.

• Many electronic appliances in “sleep” mode are using electricity. By simply unplugging them, you will eliminate this unnecessary power drain.


Try following this advice and you will be nicely surprised when the power bill arrives!

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