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  • April 5th, 2018
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Choosing to go on a diet and sticking to it can be really difficult at times, especially when there is always temptation around you – particularly at Christmastime. You start to notice your colleague eating a cupcake at their desk during your lunch break and your partner seems to want to order a takeaway more regularly than before. However, contrary to popular belief, dieting’s not all doom and gloom and there’s no need to starve yourself as that’s the last thing you should be doing on a diet. In fact, you can carry on eating pretty much all of your favourite foods. Just take a look at these key tips that’ll help you keep on track while still enjoying “real food.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Some people feel that skipping the first meal of the day can help them to lose weight more easily because they’re not eating. Seems sensible, right? However, missing breakfast means missing out on essential nutrients and just makes you more likely to snack during the day. Instead of skipping breakfast altogether, try some healthy options such as porridge, scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast or, if you’re really stuck for time, or can’t face a full meal try a fruit smoothie to be enjoyed on the go.

Cut Out Any Distractions

A Harvard study reports that eating while distracted can make you take in considerably more calories than you would do otherwise. If you really want to lose weight and remain full, leave your phone somewhere out of reach, turn off the TV and focus solely on eating and you’re likely to feel full much quicker.

Choose Healthy Convenience Food

Sometimes when you’re in a rush or just tired and hungry, it can be easy to grab whatever’s in front of you even if it doesn’t fit in with your diet. Nowadays, it’s much easier to get hold of healthy convenience food, you just have to know what to choose. Go for a ready-made vegetable soup or some roast chicken from the hot counter at the supermarket with a bag salad. If you’re really in the mood for a takeaway, you might be surprised to learn that Chinese food is actually one of the healthiest in the world – providing you avoid deep fried favourites – which means the Friday night Chinese takeaway is very much still on the menu. Simply opt for a steamed vegetable dish, noodle soup or chicken chop suey.

Include Protein in Every Meal

Protein is an essential ingredient for a dieter as it helps you feeling fuller for longer which means you’re less likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Protein is also a muscle builder and encourages fat burning which means you drop calories more easily when you exercise. You don’t need to start taking protein supplements or drinking protein shakes like so many gym-goers choose to do, just try to include a range of proteins such as yoghurt, cheese, nuts, eggs and fish in your diet to really reap the benefits.

Eat Spicy Food

Spicier food makes you feel more satisfied than a milder dish, as the spices stimulate your taste buds, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Understandably, sometimes a savoury spice just won’t cut it so if you’re suffering from a sweet craving, avoid the chocolate and instead opt for some atomic fireball sweets which are super spicy and sweet but low in calories.

You don’t need to starve to see the pounds drop of the scale, you just need to be sensible in your approach and remember these five tips when you’re having an inevitable bad day.

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