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  • April 5th, 2018
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There are some situations that you hope that you never get into. And one of those situations is going to be that you have to decide what to do if you find out that a family member has some sort of alcohol-related problems. Since it’s such a common occurrence, people find themselves in this situation more than they would like to, but there are definitely things that you can do realistically to help the situation out.


Specifically, you can do things like suggest rehab, get alcohol out of the house, learn how habits change on a fundamental level, use an intervention if necessary, and make sure that you try both medical and social solutions to the issue.


Suggest Rehab


Depending on how bad the situation is, you may want to suggest alcohol rehab as a way to nip the situation in the bud. You may not be an expert when it comes to alcoholism, but the staff at a rehab facility most definitely will be. It will have all the information and resources necessary to help your family member handle their issue on all fronts.


Get Alcohol Out of the House


Sometimes, the hardest thing for alcoholics to do in order to stop is getting themselves away from access to alcohol. So, if you know that there’s an alcoholic living with you, you may have to take matters into your own hands and get all of the alcohol out of the house. This doesn’t mean just locking it up. This means keeping it absolutely out of your environment. This may be something that not everyone wants to do, but it may be the first step in order to ensure that the alcoholic in question doesn’t have the access or the desire.


Learn How To Change Habits


At its core, alcoholism is essentially a habit. So, if you want to help your family member get rid of their alcoholic tendencies, you should learn how to change habits themselves. It’s not good enough to just try and get rid of something, you really do have to replace it with something else, and that’s why your help is going to be one of the things that allows them to push over that personal hurdle.


Use an Intervention if Necessary


In extreme cases, you may have to utilize some sort of intervention techniques. This means sitting your family member down with all the rest of your family and friends, and telling him or her how important it is to all of you that the situation comes to resolution. Interventions are usually the last step, because they’re so extreme, but they also have a better success rate than some other methods.


Try Medical and Social Solutions


In the end, your best chance for success to helping a family member with alcohol issues is to try both medical and social solutions. Medically, there are different drugs or techniques and procedures that will help, and socially, you have to make sure that you support them in the right way, and suggest all of their friend’s social groups that they do the same.

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