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  • March 26th, 2018
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What we know as floor insulation, basically speaks for itself and consists of any kind of insulation, which is fitted beneath a floor.


• Installing floor insulation will definitely cut down your power bills, and assist in making a home more energy efficient, and even contribute to your home’s longevity


And while it is not perfect for all kinds of floor settings, insulation in flooring can make a huge difference. There are currently and have been in the past many different materials used in floor insulation, including layered materials such as reflective aluminium foil to give heat back into a room. Luckily enough nowadays, the quality of insulation is now a lot better than before.


A Short History of Floor Insulation


Before, floors were never insulated due to the idea that heat rises, and people should try to stop heat loss through ceilings, walls and roofs because hot air moves upwards.


• However, heat loss through the flooring occurs and especially when the space below the floor is not climate controlled.


So, any failure to insulate floors will be partially responsible for more expensive power bills, as heating systems work harder to keep an area warm.

Humble Floors


• Superfoil are aluminium foil insulation specialists who should be consulted with for top quality insulation of all types..

• The installation of insulation between heated areas, like between a basement and a house, doesn’t make much sense unless those living there have any issues about controlling the noise.

• If you happen to insulate an inadequately vented area, it may trap moisture in beneath the flooring, which can later go on to damage your home.

• The very same thing happens if an area under the floor is wet; as it will need to be equipped with the right type of drainage before the installation of floor insulation, otherwise moisture will cause problems.




There are different methods of floor insulation, some of which can be easily installed, via the method of batting. And then there are others which can be fitted depending on the kind of flooring one now has.


All you have to do is contact and consult with home insulation specialists and see what they recommend. Specialists in insulation will visit homes and then assess exactly what type of insulation is required.


Think About the Future


Also, one more thing to consider with regards to floor insulation is that while warm floors can certainly increase the comfort of a home, (and make for a better selling price if one wishes to move home sometime in the future) it will also improve the cosiness of any home where it happens to be installed.


Finding top quality insulation is like many other things nowadays, just a few simple clicks away on your mouse. Try putting the word “floor insulation” into a reliable search engine (not always google!) and check out what links pop up. Within a very short amount of time, your home will be appreciating the very best in floor insulation!

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