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  • April 5th, 2018
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As you transition into parenthood, the list of things to learn keeps growing as your world begins its expansion. You start to look at money differently, for every dollar you spend on something for yourself is a dollar that could have gone towards your new family. Your time becomes precious as its going to soon be interspersed with screaming babies, feeding time, cleaning up, and trying to find moments to catch your breath. Everything around you will look like a danger, from the corner of your nightstand to the height of the sofa, and you will be trying to minimize risk at every turn.

Inevitably you are going to start thinking about your transportation, “Is this big enough? Safe enough? Can it stand the abuse of a wild teenager and all her friends piling in and out of it?” Most of us have cars that fit our personalities, our styles, our budgets, with little to no thought about whether we can fit into it a car seat, diaper bags, folded stroller, or how many safety road tests it passed with flying colors. So begins your transition into parenthood!


Gas mileage will play its significant role, as you are going to want to save as much money as you can as well as time you would be spending at the pump. Things are a lot different now than when we were children; the safety standards are higher, the cars more efficient, and we can now choose between gas, electric, or hybrid. That lone is a big decision, as electric vehicles will really make your life a lot simpler. Being able to plug your car into the wall socket when you are home saves you from going to gas stations, cutting out entire aspect to driving that is time consuming and expensive. You can also find recharging stations located at stores like Whole Foods and Target, helping you get two things done at once.


For a long time the common go-to for new parents were ‘soccer mom’ vans, recognizable by their sliding doors, occasional faux wood paneling, and their low power. These days you can still drive the parent-mobile but do so in style, comfort and with some oomph under the hood. With 360degree cameras so you can see all around you as your kids make a mad dash for the mall, along with braking sensors and LED lights, its a much safer experience than it was 25 years ago! Whether you are looking for a first car or a new car, looking to trade-in or sell outright, or just daydreaming, start with a checklist of items that are important to you first. With time being precious (especially alone time when you have children), you aren’t going to want to spend all day searching for a safe, reliable, fun, bulletproof, stain proof, separate-soundproof-partition-for-the-driver, vehicle.. Picking your next vehicle is a big decision, even more so when you are making it based on the last big decision you went with, but it doesn’t have to take all day!

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