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Planning to take a family vacation in a few days or weeks? You’ll want to make sure that you’ve selected your hotel wisely. Opt to stay in a hotel that offers family-friendly amenities and services, and your trip is bound to go so much smoother. In the interest of happy family travel for all, we are pleased to present a few tricks and tips that can help you pick the perfect lodging.

Choose a family friendly destination


As far as destination selection is concerned, the more nearby activities and kid-friendly amusements, the better. To be truly happy, decide on a destination that offers interesting things for parents to do, too. Seek a hotel that offers amenities for all ages. Some properties offer candy cart room service and a bedtime butler to read stories to little ones. Some provide teen-friendly arcades where older kids can have wholesome supervised fun. Treat yourself right and find a place that provides spa services for adults, as well.


In-room amenities to look for


Of course, you will want comfy beds for every family member. That’s a given at places such as the Washington Dulles Marriott. In addition, you’ll do well to choose a hotel that provides an in-room refrigerator. Better yet, select a hotel room that comes with a full kitchen. Dining out whilst on vacation is perfectly fun, but the cost of three restaurant meals a day adds up in a hurry. Fill your room fridge with healthful snacks, refreshing beverages, and ingredients for home-away-from-home-made meals.


Before you rent a room, ask about WiFi service. These days, family members of all ages travel with a variety of electronic devices, so you’ll want to make sure any hotel you consider provides reliable internet service. Hard-to-access internet can make a whole family cranky. Rooms that come with high-speed access at no additional charge are a boon to families that travel together, advises Tips for Family Trips magazine. With great WiFi, parents will be able to take care of business matters while little kids play games and older teens post vacation selfies to social media.


Pick a place with a pool


Most kids will happily stay anywhere, as long as there’s a swimming pool. Before you book your rooms, ensure the property has a proper pool. Pass on hotels that provide little more than a very basic swimming pool. Instead, choose a hotel that offers water slides, pool toys, and other kid-thrilling accouterments. If you are planning a winter getaway, look for lodging that comes with a heated indoor swimming pool. Even better, find a hotel that has a splash pool for the kids and health club for parents, advise travel gurus at Huffington Post.


Traveling with games-loving kids, but you don’t want to tote a ton of luggage? Go for a hotel that loans board games, books, toys, and other amusements to visiting kids. When children have something to do, they are likelier to let mom and dad enjoy a little downtime.


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