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  • March 26th, 2018
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Nine months is a very long time to wait to hear the innocent laughter of a child. As mothers to be, we often daydream of holding our beautiful miracles long before they get here. We think of all the cute outfits we are going to dress them in, what they will be when they grow up, and what personality traits they will get from each parent. The long process beforehand can be daunting, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Below are a few tips to make the trek a little less daunting.

Get Your Rest


Pregnancy takes a lot out of you. That may be the understatement of the world! You are no longer function for one, but two individuals and at least one of you is growing at an alarming rate. Your bundle of joy is taking it out of you. You may not do anything all day, but behind the scenes, your body is feeding, cleaning, growing, and maintaining another human you can’t even see, yet. Extra rest is essential to allow your body to do the job of creating another life to the best of its ability. Take that nap after lunch and don’t feel guilty about it. After All, you may be in the process of providing the world with the scientist who will discover the cure for cancer.


Dress Comfortably


In the first trimester, everything is so new and shiny. You may have morning sickness, but you are excited to take the journey into motherhood. Oh, and all your clothes still fit. However, as you travel into the second and third trimester, you will find that your cute little black dress not only no longer fits, it’s very uncomfortable, too. This goes for your favorite jeans and, for some, this even includes your shoes. Do not try to make it through with the wardrobe you have. Invest in big, comfortable t-shirts, sweat pants, leggings, flip flops, and as much maternity clothing as you can afford. Be good to yourself. If you are comfortable, your mood and the mood of your wonderful hubby will reap the benefits.


Stay In Touch


Staying in touch with family, friends, and your doctor will spread the load out. Remember the saying, many hands make light work? Get the whole crew involved. Family members are good for emotional support and let’s be honest. With the hormonal changes that come with pregnancy, emotional support can be a constant need. ¬†Friends are a great help when it comes time to set up the baby registry and get the practical things needed for baby ready for his/her arrival. Having an ongoing and open dialogue with your doctor is just good common sense. Most pregnancies go forward without a hitch, but having an open line to your OB/GYN will leave you with a lot less to worry about if junior did decide to throw you a curveball. ¬†


Pregnancy is a wonderful curiosity of life. Take the time to enjoy it to the fullest. Take care of you and your baby with these simple tips.

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