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  • March 26th, 2018
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After our hugely successful Gambling Night Fundraiser, it was natural for people to get an interest in that form of entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning irresponsible gambling, what we are talking about here is pure entertainment with the opportunity to sometimes win a bit of money and at other times lose a bit of money. Everything in moderation is the secret to most things in life.


I thought it was worthwhile to outline a few things about the online casino business, which has taken off in a big way, not only here in the UK, but all over the world. It has me wondering if the effect of social media on personal interaction has moved to people wanting to stay at home and find in-house entertainment. There’s a certain feeling of safety and security as well as comfort in finding things to do at home. Anyway, here’s my pound’s worth of information on the topic. Be warned, I am in favour of playing games online if you have the time but you would have to be rather silly if you didn’t take all the necessary precautions transacting on the internet. By the way, that goes for everything from shopping, banking and whatever else you do online that involves money and personal information.


It’s important to see if first of all they are reputable and that there is good feedback about them. Do they have a secure platform (no one is selling your information to third parties)? Are there any licensing or regulations that they can prove they have? Once you’ve gotten a good feel about their security you can then move on to their gaming selection.


Software developers these days create some incredible games using cutting-edge technology (yes, there are 3D slots!) and so if your online casino is secure but has no entertaining games, what’s the point? See if you can get some sort of trial or the ability to play the games for free. If you want to play slot games for free before making the switch to real money check out my site it might help you see what’s a good fit for you.


This online casino is great for UK players, especially because it offers unique bonuses that are only available for UK players, it offers GBP currency for deposits and withdrawals, it has a support centre which is dedicated for UK customers and it is licensed to operate a casino in the UK. You are kidding yourself if you think this is not important. I believe that an enjoyable gaming experience must first and foremost be one of trust. There are thousands of online casino websites in UK, but not all are good in terms of security and the games offered.

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