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Any move, whether commercial, industrial, or residential, can be more easily facilitated when you create an inventory. What is even better is if you can refer to a removal checklist. That way, you can check off the items that need to be moved and stored.


For example, if you are moving office, you will have different items to inventory than when you are moving house. When making up a checklist for an office removal, you will need to list your company name and contact details. You also need to indicate the proposed move date.


Preparing for an Office Move


The removal company will also need to know if it can park its truck easily outside your building. In addition, it will need to know if the items are on an upper storey. If so, is there access to a lift? The same holds true for the new address.


Compiling the Inventory Sheet


Some of the office furnishings that may be part of a removal checklist might include the following:


• Filing cabinets

• Regular cabinets

• Desks


Indicate the size of the cabinets and whether the filing cabinets consist of two drawers or four drawers. You also need to notate whether a desk features a single or double pedestal design. What type of chairs need to be moved? Most chairs are featured in boardroom or swivel designs.


Record How Many Furnishings Will Need to Be Relocated


According the professionals at companies such as Essex Removals, you will also need to include the quantity of such items as the following:


• Desks

• Racking

• Workstations

• Mainframes

• File boxes

• PC monitors

• PC bases

• Fax machines

• Photocopiers

• Franking machines

• Shredders

• Safes

• Room screens and dividers

• Bins

• Pictures


Do not forget to include items such as the microwave or fridge from your kitchen as well.


Do You Need to Archive Files?


Once you have an inventory compiled, you can more easily get a quote from a professional removal company. Make sure that the removal company you use features packing and storage too. If you have any items that will not fit into your new location, you will need to put them into storage. Both containerised storage and archive storage are available.


For instance, if you are moving office, you probably will need archive or data storage access. Government mandates state that a business’s records and archives must be maintained for a specific timeframe.


These directives can present some storage problems whether you are moving office or going through a phase of growth. That is why you need to make sure that the removal company you use offers short-term or long-term filing solutions. Make sure that you can also have the files delivered if necessary. Because recordkeeping is a prominent part of any business, you need to make sure that any office removal is supported by storage services as well.

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