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  • January 22nd, 2018
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Being a parent of a child approaching their teenage years is something that comes with an entirely new set of challenges.  Even though you may no longer be changing diapers or fishing foreign objects out of the mouths anymore, this doesn’t mean you still won’t have your work cut out for you as a parent as new obstacles arise.


Older kids may be more independent and doing things like dressing themselves and going to the bathroom alone, but they are also more susceptible to the world around them.  When they begin to socialize more at school with friends they will inevitably be faced with situations which present them with the opportunity to partake in illegal activities.  Unfortunately, this is just part of growing up unless they stay locked in a security gated property for 24 hours a day.  


Even though parents would like to think that they can perhaps avoid their children coming face to face with these temptations, it is best to tackle it with a realistic approach and face it head on.  Talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol is the best way to avoid them making uninformed decisions.  Here is how you can talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol and let them know the deal.


Explain The Risks


The first step is explaining why drugs and alcohol can be dangerous.  Explaining to them that drugs and alcohol can lead to addiction rather than simply say “don’t do them” is far more effective.  


When they are aware of exactly what happens when substances are consumed they can have a clearer picture of what could go wrong.  Humans have a natural curiosity for anything which is forbidden, so telling them not to do something without explaining why is only going to encourage them to become more curious about it.


Encourage Honesty


If your child feels like they can’t come to you and be honest about partaking in drugs or alcohol then you have done yourself and them a disservice.  Always encourage them to come and talk to you if they have anything they need to get off of their chest.


It is far more desirable to get a call from your teen at 2 am asking you to pick them up because they are in an unfavorable situation rather than them trying to figure it out themselves, potentially getting hurt.


This isn’t to say that rules shouldn’t be enforced, but as a protector, your doors should always be open if they need help or guidance.


Avoid Sounding Condescending


Teens will usually shut down emotionally if you try to talk to them in a patronizing or condescending way.  Try to level with them as best as you can and you will find that they are much more receptive to the conversation.

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