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  • March 26th, 2018
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Whether renovating a chimney, painting a home, constructing a building, or renovating a Heritage-listed mansion, it’s really important to use the right tools and equipment. There are many occupational health and safety guidelines for contractors, companies, and other professionals to adhere to and one wrong move or inferior piece of equipment could mean a costly delay or even the end of the project.


Using Scaffolds and Platforms


When working at heights, it is crucial to use high-quality scaffolds and access platforms. The good news is that great-quality scaffolds and access platforms in London can be hired through companies that specialise in this area.


When working at heights or trying to safely access difficult areas, it is vital to have a scaffold and access platform setup that works for everyone. It should be sturdy and strong but quick to assemble and disassemble. Access platforms and scaffolds provide the following benefits to everyone on site:


• Safety: First and foremost, a sturdy and strong scaffold and access platform configuration provides safety for all of the workers on There are horror stories where contractors have used sub-standard platform equipment and have been severely injured or worse on the job. The last thing that any project manager wants is for anyone on site to be injured. Being responsible and organising scaffold and access platform equipment through an experienced supplier is a crucial part of managing the project well.

• Easy Access: Scaffolding provides easy and convenient ongoing access to areas of a building that are otherwise impossible to reach for extended periods. This, for example, allows workers to access heights for painting, renovating, and building. A stable platform is essential to working safely and securely during the course of the project. It also provides a morale boost for workers as they understand that they are safe.


Using an Experienced Supplier


Whether doing a simple home renovation or a large-scale commercial project, it is always important to contact experienced scaffold hire companies. Many such companies specialise in providing and installing scaffolding and access platforms that are ideal for difficult projects where a bespoke solution is required.


Furthermore, these companies are also experienced when it comes to understanding and adhering to local health and safety regulations. They can also organise local permits for work that may block pedestrian pathways and even roads.


The simple fact is that no individual or team should be working outside of the law. This means using the right kind of tools and equipment and also understanding and abiding by health and safety rules and regulations. This applies equally to simple home renovations, window cleaning for tall office buildings, and large-scale commercial property development.

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