• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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At first, carpet might seem like an ideal choice for your conservatory since it provides a warm surface and comes in a wide range of colours. Certainly true, but carpets also come with several drawbacks that are important to consider when you’re flooring the conservatory. Here are just four reasons why you should use natural stone tiles instead.


1. Minimal Discoloration


Carpets are most often used in rooms that don’t benefit from too much natural light. Your living room or bedroom, for example, will have windows, but they won’t direct too much sunlight against the floor. With a conservatory, things are different. There will be windows on all sides not connected to the house, and most conservatories have glass along the ceiling. Carpets will fade very quickly under such conditions. Natural stone can also fade a little, but this will be barely noticeable.


2. Avoids Moisture Problems


Another thing carpets can’t deal with very well is moisture. They dry slowly, and excess moisture can lead to mould growth. Unfortunately, the conservatory is more likely to suffer from moisture problems since it is more exposed. If any water manages to leak in, you have a huge problem on your hands. When you use natural stone, moisture won’t be something you need to worry about too much.


3. Matches the Exterior


One of the great things about sitting in a conservatory is feeling like you’re outside while still being protected from the weather. Carpets ruin that sensation since they are closely associated with property interiors. Stone tile provides a touch of external styling to your conservatory, so it more closely matches the style most people are looking for.


4. Ideal After Being Outside


Finally, remember that your conservatory is probably going to form another way into your garden. In most cases, a conservatory will have one door to the rest of the house and one that opens onto your outside space. Stone flooring is more practical than carpet since you can walk right through from your garden without having to worry about tracking in dirt and mud – anything that does get tracked in can be quickly and easily removed.