new castle

Hello all! My name is Raymond Campbell and I am proud to be a parent to two cutest daughters Ally and Cassie. Living in NewCastle, UK with my adorable partner Alicia and amazing father Jack. I did my degree in social sciences, that where I found Alicia and after 6 months we both were head over heels in love with each other. I relish playing board games, visiting themed parks, reading and writing on any niche especially related to parenting in an unconventional relationship.


Talking about how I got into writing and blogging, as I was raising my daughters up. A thought came into my mind that I should start doing something productive in my spare time, which should also financially helpful to me. I spend some time searching online and also discussed with some of my friends. One of my friends was into blogging and she gave me a push to start my own blog. So I thought it would hurt to give it a try and I felt that it would be a thing that I could pursue in my life. As I like to read and observe things around myself, so writing wasn’t so difficult for in that sense. When I started my blog, the great conundrum was in the way as which should be the topic of my blog and then as I was living in a unconventional and unorthodox relationship, so I decided to make that as the main topic for my blog.


I like to live on a daily basis, but I also like to think about the immediate future as it might be the resultant to the things we do in our presents, once you do what do think is going to influence the future in a better way that your present becomes automatically better and an epitome for others to follow.


As I am a mother who lives full time in a house, so most of the days I have enough time on my hands to indulge myself in doing the things that I love. I love to play my cards and for that nobody is better than my father to play with. I like to take care of my garden and I consider all the plants to be my babies, as I nurture them and get to see them grow which gives a weird happy feeling that I cannot begin to explain in words.