• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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We’re all looking for gadgets that make our lives just that little bit easier – not because we’re lazy, but because we’d rather get something else to do the work. Okay, in hindsight maybe we are just lazy…

Anyway, let’s get away from the realisation that we’re all lazy human beings, shall we? Here are the best home gadgets to make our lives easy, enjoy.

Home assistants – AI


We couldn’t write this without at least mentioning an AI home assistant like the Google home or Amazon echo. Come on, you must admit they do seem pretty handy and not to mention awesome.


If you’re not convinced, think about all those times you had a song stuck in your head, but can’t for the life of you find your phone to play it. Now, think about owning a handy little device that would play that very song as soon as you ask it to!


Or if you’re trying to prove a point to someone that just won’t listen to your widespread knowledge on the subject. Ask your home assistant and they’ll instantly be shut up. You have proven your cleverness and they now have to admit they were wrong.


Of course, there are other things you can do with a home assistant, but let’s be honest, the last point we made is the one that convinced you, wasn’t it?


Portable AC


We’ve all got heating in our homes, but AC isn’t exactly an imperative gadget to have in the UK – considering it’s always freezing! Instead of getting one fitted and using it every now and then during our short summers, purchase a portable AC.


Most portable AC’s have a hot and cold setting, which is why it’s brilliant to have in your house. If your too hot one night, grab your AC and if your too cold (which is more likely) grab your AC.


See, as simple as it is, it’ll make your life much more comfortable in the summer and winter (most of the time) this year.


View this guide on purchasing portable AC units in 2018 before you make your purchase. The guide has a list of pros and cons for each portable AC unit within their review, which makes it a very useful read.

Coffee machine


Not just any coffee machine, oh no, we’re talking about that specific coffee machine you’ve had your eye on since you didn’t get it for Christmas. Very disappointing, but it does mean that you can choose the coffee machine of your dreams.


The one that you can text to make you a fresh cuppa when you get in from work. Or the one that you can programme to have a frothy coffee ready and waiting for you in the morning.


Whichever coffee machine you want, treat yourself. No more milky coffees made by your kids in an effort to be loving (as sweet as that is, the coffee is grim). Think of it like this, you’re doing your kids a favour, they will never feel as though they should make you a cuppa to say thanks for getting them up in the morning!


What are your favourite home gadgets?


Give us your opinion on the best home gadgets! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.