• Ray
  • May 6th, 2020
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Before recently it was so hard to travel with kids, and enjoy yourself too. Traveling Europe can be a hassle because you find yourself dragging the kids from location to location. However,websites like Travelodge makes taking the kids along so enjoyable for you and them! There are so many offers that allow the kids to eat and stay for free and there are so many activities that you’ll have just as much fun doing as them!


The first one is attending a show, off-broadway or just local theater! If you’re in London there are so many great musicals and plays to see that would be great for kids. One show really popular right now is Matilda, a musical based off the book by author Rald Dahl. It’s a fun and aesthetically pleasing show for the whole family! Another great type of show to see is the local theater in the area. So anywhere you may be in Europe, you can experience a new culture and the kids can watch an entertaining show! Make sure, however, that you are seeing the show in English, kids don’t tend to like it when they can’t understand the language! If you are gonna see a performance in a country that doesn’t have the primary language of English, I personally recommend dance! So many children love ballet, and some of the best ballet companies are in countries such as France! Going to and supporting the performing arts won’t be a disappointment for you or your children.


The next way to keep you and your kids happy and having fun is by restaurants! One of the best ways to discover another culture is through eating that culture’s food. A lot of websites offer deals allow children to eat for free, a happy deal for their tummies and your wallets! You can find so many restaurants that have fun themes, and are representative of the country you are exploring. Your kids will love trying something they never got at home, and you will love trying a new taste of another country! So from now on, don’t be afraid to travel with your kids! It’s not as hard as it seem and it can be fun for you and the whole family!