• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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You may think that it’s early for you to baby-proof your home when your baby is still a month old, or he can’t roll over yet. But time travels fast. Soon enough, your child will be getting around and into things. Thus, it’s never too early when you’re baby-proofing your home. Even before he arrives, you can carry out some ways to ensure that your baby is safe at your home.


As a parent, it’s your job to watch your baby relentless. Then, keep all dangerous stuff of his reach. Hide or cover things that could hurt them. Keep everything in safe places. These are standards.


But we’re living in a modern society with modern devices. Thus, the rules for getting stuff done are also changing. Our homes are packed with gadgets, devices, TVs, chargers and other things. The basics or classics of baby proofing are still vital. However, it’s ideal that you also familiarize yourself with some of the baby proofing techniques.


Secure Your TV


These days, flat screen TVs are the norm. We have them in every room in the house. However, it can pose a serious risk to your baby who wants to climb and loves to grab stuff. That said, you need to secure and bracket them down so they won’t tip over that could damage your TV and hurt your baby.


Keep the Chargers and Cords Away


Cords and chargers have become a part of our daily lives. We use them every night. There’s no need to change your device habits, though. All you must do is to keep those chargers and cords away from your babies. Place them out of reach.


Tie It Down


Your chairs, tables, and shelves are fun to climb on. Thus, secure them using a wall restraint or brackets, so they won’t tip over. You may use straps to hold dressers and other heavy furniture in place. Do it in any rooms where your baby might roam around and be left alone. Even for a minute, he could be exploring and might hurt himself. The corner or edge of furniture must have a bumper.


Secure Toilet Lids with a Lock


Your bathroom may seem like a harmless place for your baby to explore. But the water in it can be dangerous. For a curious child, the toilet lid can pose a danger. That said, make sure that its lids are down and use a lid lock to secure them.


Keep Video Monitor Out of Reach


If you’re using a video baby monitor, make sure that it’s out of reach for your baby. Keep in mind that screens are visual. But they have cords that can pose a risk to your baby. Thus, set them up far away from the crib. Or you can choose a wireless monitor to be safe.


In this modern world, however, there’s no such thing as 100% baby-proofed home. Babies love to explore. When they’re teething, they become irritable and grab anything. Several ways can calm them down, and one of them is the use of a Baltic Amber chemical free teething necklace.  Their mood and behavior would change once they wear them.