• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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There is something about an open fire, flames in the grate and wonderfully warm, that is naturally comforting. It’s also an affordable and efficient way of heating a room, and if you have an older house you may find that the original fireplaces are still there, but simply blocked off with plasterboard. As gas heating systems became the norm in the latter half of the 20th century, so many homeowners covered over their solid fuel fire and installed gas fires, yet when all is said and done, something was lost in terms of character as a result.

Fire in the parlor fireplace.

Of course, there is more to opening up a real fire that has been blocked than simply peeling away the cover; you need to check that everything is in working order, and that means getting the professionals in to give your fireplace and chimney a thorough examination. It is a popular belief that chimney sweeps disappeared many years ago, but in fact there are many people using real fires, and a genuine need for this once-dying profession. For a Liverpool chimney sweep with genuine credentials, experience and expertise, talk to Chimney Sweep Liverpool, the local experts in the field.

We cannot stress how important it is to get the professionals in; not only is a malfunctioning or faulty fire and chimney a potential fire hazard, but it can also be damaging to the health of those in the house. Chimneys are designed to direct smoke and fumes away from the interior of the house, so you need to be sure they are working as they should be before using your fire. This may mean re-lining an older chimney, and clearing away any soot and debris that is in the chimney, and the experts at Chimney Sweep Liverpool are the people with the knowledge and equipment to do so efficiently.

Remember, in many homes there was not only a fireplace in the downstairs room, but possibly one in the room above on the same chimney. This can make a great feature in a bedroom, so it is worth checking out how many fireplaces you have. Your sweep will provide a professional and clean job that leaves your chimney in working order, ready for you to enjoy an open fire and all its glory. It really is a beautiful way to heat a room, as a new generation of users are discovering.

Of course, child-proofing an open fire is essential; a fire guard is a necessity – there are many attractive models that you can buy online and in the high street – and children need to be taught that, while attractive to look at, fire is dangerous and must be kept away from. Once you are up and running, you and all the family can enjoy the benefits and beauty of a real solid fuel burning fire – you can choose the fuel you want to burn, with smokeless coke and wood being the most popular – and add a superbly attractive feature in your newly reinvented room.