• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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Unless you are planning on living in a house where privacy is non-existent and you’re intending on residing in one large open plan expanse, then you will be requiring internal doors for your family home, or your self-build/renovation project.


As a family with small children, it’s pretty crucial to have internal doors as both a safety aspect and an aesthetic. But what other benefits are there? Here we take a look at how choosing doors for your home can add value both personally and financially.




Internal doors have been dividing rooms since the dawn of building, and it looks as though little is going to change! If you have a noisy and messy family at home (and who doesn’t!) then being able to close the door on it for a while is a Godsend.


Also, sometimes we all need a little privacy, especially when it comes to things like taking a shower, personal moments, undressing or just for your own sanity. An internal door is ideal for this and doorstore’s internal doors range is a great place to start if you’re in need of a little inspiration.




One things for sure, when you have a busy home life, then the noise certainly comes with it! Whether it’s the TV, the pets, the children playing loudly – or not getting on so well! Noise goes hand in hand with family life. So another benefit of internal doors is that they can eliminate excessive noise and overbearing sounds! Or they will until your children come to find you!



It goes without saying that heating your home isn’t as cheap as it used to be. And we’re always finding new ways to be energy efficient and to keep the warmth in. But did you know that having high quality internal doors in your home is one of the easiest steps you can take? If you had an open plan home, then you’d perhaps struggle to heat all corners of the room at the same time and regulate the temperate of your home – but being able to shut off rooms means that you can retain the warmth that your heating system has generated – saving you money in the long run!


Fire Safety


It doesn’t bare thinking about, but a fire that starts in your home can spread quickly and cause damage to property and even life. Having internal doors, or more specifically fire doors in your home could buy you and your family crucial seconds during a fire. Fire doors have two important functions in a fire; when closed they delay/stop the spread of fire and when open they provide a safer means of escape.


It is advisable to use a fire door for any room where a fire is likely to start, like the kitchen, a room with a fireplace or any room with electrical and/or flammable items. You don’t have to have ugly cumbersome mismatched fire doors either! Most door manufacturers offer a wide and beautiful range of doors that will match any interior style.