• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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Nowadays, cameras are everywhere you look, in fact, they’re all over the place, and for those folks out there who are old enough, they will remember a time when things were a lot different and nobody was watching you. But, times have indeed changed and now they have become normal and on a good note, something which people out there with bad intentions hate.

Say Cheese!

Nowadays, camera surveillance systems are attached to traffic lights in many countries to take pictures of traffic law breakers. Most of these violations are red light jumpers. A ticket will then be posted to the lawbreaker even when there’s no police officer around to pull them over and give a ticket.

Pretty Much Normal

Nowadays It is practically normal to see security cameras around town and in just one day you can spot them in many places to prevent shoplifting, robbery, and other crimes and capture images of people on film.

Keeping an Eye Out

  • Surveillance by cameras is now being used on some school grounds and on most public buses.
  • Video Forensic Experts can verify the footage and use it to prosecute criminals, helping to keep the public safe.
  • It is being used as a deterrent to prevent violence, drug use, and other kinds of criminality is all pretty much positive.
  • However, there are some who find these type of methods intrusive and find the idea of them and their children being spied on all the time, reeking of a totalitarian Big Brother state.
  • While various other people feel more at ease with it and view camera surveillance as a way of maintaining order, hoping it works to catch and punish the bad amongst us.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV is video surveillance and security cameras, referring to an analogue security camera which transmits an analogue TV signal. These are connected to a DVR for recording or to a monitoring station for image viewing.

  • CCTV is the kind of camera system you normally see everywhere these days.

IP (Internet Protocol)

The IP camera system makes use of an Ethernet cable and sends an electronic digital signal and is networked to transmit a signal to a network video recorder (NVR) on a local or remote network. These have been used in the past to monitor a place of residence or area for reasons of security, however, these days, that job is going more over to CCTV.

Maintaining Watch 24/7

Anybody who is interested in a home security camera system, will nowadays have a great choice of cameras to choose from. There are some basic systems and the more intricate ones also which can provide much more advanced functions.

By carrying out a little research, you can find the ideal security system for all of your needs. And remember, that just the very sight of a top quality camera surveillance system gives anyone with bad intentions more than second thoughts!