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  • December 19th, 2018
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One of the best things about traveling is to try all kinds of new and delicious dishes, whether you are traveling in different regions or in the world. And it’s fun to get excited and eat things you wouldn’t eat at home for a week. But we all know the feeling for having too many consecutive days [The total lack of energy, the feeling of satiety, dehydration, headaches or hangover, the pronounced jet lag, the greatest vulnerability to disease]. All of these things can minimize the pleasure of traveling. And in the face of dietary restrictions, you know the extra frustration of trying to find good food that is good for you too!


The good news is that it’s easier than ever to choose the foods that keep you healthy and energized as you move away from your usual routine, with the services from companies such as Holland & Barrett that has natural health products and , but also offers good service . Here are some easy ways to enjoy the best moments of your trip:


1. Plan the future.


When we are on the road, we often have no food routine and often times not eating regularly. Sometimes we can spend several hours without eating anything. Contrary to the myth that you have to stop eating to make room for a big meal, your metabolism slows down and your body slows down, making your body slow, tired and dense in calories. Our body feels these times as a “mini hunger” and scares our brain. To maintain a stable blood sugar level and prevent energy loss (which can result in overcompensation of sweet or fried foods), you should eat a few meals every few hours while on the move.


Prepare the sandwiches for easy access: nuts, seeds, hard boiled eggs, solid fruits (such as apples), vegetables, hummus or nut bars with natural fruits.


If you know where to stay, explore the restaurants around your hotel. Check with your hotel or resort to review the menus and see what is available. Once you arrive, you can use an app like AroundMe to find healthier restaurants in your area. Take a look at these smartphone apps that will help you find gluten and other allergen-free options during your trip.


2. Do not forget the store!


A supermarket or grocery store and especially a local cooperative can be the best ally on your travels. They have easy and affordable access to fresh produce and healthy snacks. You will find a greater choice of excellent foods containing gluten, milk and other allergens at a reasonable price.


During your trip, your immune system is exposed to tons of new pathogens, especially in airplanes and other transit vehicles. You want to make sure your body has what it needs to stay healthy, fight germs and treat toxins. Do not forget to pack your multivitamins and other supplements! If you cannot get fresh green vegetable, bring some powdered vegetables that you can bring and mix them easily with a glass of water or a morning shake.


3. Morning smoothies


If you are really interested in eating fruits and vegetables every day, you can even consider bringing a blender. This may seem extreme to some, but keep in mind that most of them cost less than $20, it slip easily into a suitcase or the back of the car and can be ideal for quickly preparation of a hearty little -Breakfast consisting of fruits, nuts and vegetables.


4. Drink a lot more water than you usually drink.


Airplanes and hotel rooms are known to be dry. Running all day costs energy and drains. Often, people drink alcohol or sodas with their meals, which also dehydrate themselves. Drinking more than normal, 8 glasses of water a day will energize you, moisturize your cells, keep your skin shiny and eliminate toxins.


5. Drink less alcohol than anyone around you drinks.


This can be a challenge, especially when traveling on business, where drinking is a family hobby.

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