• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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If you live in a house with a chimney, you’ll be taking advantage of this by having a roaring open fire for during those freezing winter evenings, and sooner or later, the chimney will need to be swept. The chimney sweep has been part of the British culture for centuries and you’ll be pleased to know that there are still traditional companies that offer this service, and with that in mind, here is a guide to making the necessary preparations to have your chimney cleaned.


• Sourcing a Chimney Sweep – There isn’t much point in preparing anything if you haven’t made a booking, and if you are looking for chimney specialists in Hampshire, for example, there is a family run business that services that region, and all it takes to make contact is an online search.


• Remove Unburnt Fuel – The first thing to do is make sure that there is no coal or wood in the hearth, and once this is removed, the chimney sweep can make his preparations. Once this is done, give the hearth a quick clean to remove any dust and the fireplace is then ready for the expert.


• Remove Everything from the Mantel and Hearth – Most people will have family photos and ornaments neatly placed near the fireplace and these should be moved, which allows the chimney sweep to work without the worry of any breakages. While the chimney specialist would be fully insured, he doesn’t wish to take any chances, and with all your personal possessions relocated for a while, he can set about his work.


• Cover the Furniture – A few bedsheets or the covers you use when decorating are ideal for covering the furniture. Of course, the chimney sweep will take every precaution to ensure that there is minimal dust in the room, and by covering the furniture, you are saving the sweep valuable time, as he would have to do this before starting work.


• Create a Path to the Doorway – Old newspapers are ideal for this, and by laying sheets that overlap, you can make a path from the living room to the front door, which allows the chimney sweep to go about his business with worrying about your valuable carpet. This is especially important is the ground is wet. The chimney sweep would have a supply of old newspapers in his van, should you not be in possession of suitable floor covering, and he would be happy to do this if necessary.


• Remove Valuable Items from the Room – It is advisable to do this for obvious reasons, and although the chimney sweep will be fully insured, valuable items can have great sentimental value. The chimney sweep would much prefer that you do this, as it is one less thing for him to worry about.


The only other thing to do is go outside while the chimney sweep is at work and when you see his brush emerge from the chimney pot, don’t forget to make your wish!