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  • December 19th, 2018
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Unfortunately, divorce figures are high, and the stresses and strains of the modern lifestyle can inflict enormous pressure on a relationship, and when there are children involved, the separation becomes very complex indeed. In such a situation, when both parents are convinced that separation, and ultimately, divorce, is the best solution, they need to carefully consider every aspect of the separation, and especially so with regard to how it affects the children.


Sourcing a Family Lawyer


Ideally, both parties would separately consult with an experienced family solicitor, and this might not cost you anything, and there are free legal services in Yorkshire, and just about every other county in the UK, and with an experienced legal advisor, you and your partner can plan every aspect of the divorce amicably, which will have less of a negative impact on the children. There are many cases where a person can receive legal aid regarding a family solicitor, and with a simple online search, you can soon source an established legal practice in your area, and one that focuses on family law.


Joint Custody


Whatever happens, the children have a father and mother, and this relationship is critical to the well-being of the child, and every effort should be made to balance the time spent with both parents. Of course, this will involve a level of compromise for both parties, yet we must never forget that the children come before anything else. If there are still mixed emotions between you both, then it is far better to leave the communication to the experienced family lawyers, and through them, the best solution can be found.


Division of Marital Assets


If you are about to separate from your partner, it is essential to seek legal advice as soon as possible, especially when deciding what to regarding marital assets, and if ever you needed good legal advice, now is the time. If neither of you entered into a prenuptial agreement, then the joint assets would be divided according to British law, and if a person has considerable assets, they would be well advised to seek out legal advice before agreeing to anything.


The Initial Separation


Great care should be taken when introducing the concept of mum or dad living somewhere else, and both parents should discuss how this is best done. Careful choice of words will help the children to see it in a positive light, and it might not be a bad idea to start with a temporary arrangement, perhaps citing work reasons. The children should focus on the positive side, as mum or dad will be taking them to other places on a regular basis, and with the level of technology we have today, they are never far away from their parents.


Divorces can be emotionally straining, but with the help of an experienced family lawyer, you, your partner, and the children will handle the transition in a way that causes minimum interruption to the children’s lives.