• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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Life is what you make of it. That’s probably something you’ve heard a billion times before. But in many cases it’s true.

You can live a healthy life you if you do things that are healthy for you. But health means different things at different stages in life. You need different calorie amounts and different healthcare at different ages and stages of life.


Babies solely rely on the people taking care of them, whether it’s their actual parent or someone filling in for their parents. When babies are first born, or still fairly young, they don’t eat solid foods and they are very susceptible to illnesses and disease.

For these reasons, it’s important to limit how much you take your baby out in those first few weeks and how many people come around to visit. Once your baby is old enough for vaccinations and starts developing their immune system they become safer.



Toddlers bring about a whole new string of issues as they toddle around. You need to make sure your home is proofed for soft heads that can bump into table corners and little hands that can get into places they shouldn’t be into.

At every stage of life, you need to have regular appointments with the doctor and dentist to make sure that everything is great, inside and outside your body.


It’s almost time for your child to hit puberty at this point, which brings about hygiene issues and more. Make sure you are teaching children early on the benefits of healthy eating so that they can enter into their teenage years and young adulthood healthy.


The teen years can also bring on stress. There are more cardiac conditions in teens these days, for some reason. It helps to talk to teenagers about cardiac disease and the symptoms of a heart attack.

If you have teens that participate in sports make it a point to ensure they get a yearly physical so their doctor can spot any issues ahead of time.


Young Adult And Adult

The adult years are when most of the illnesses and diseases that are going to get you come. Make sure you are get regular physicals. Don’t be afraid to visit your doctor when it seems like something is wrong.

Men should be getting prostate exams, and at forty women should start getting breast exams. It’s also in the teen years girls need to start getting PAP Smears and their annual exam, which continues through adulthood.


Seniors can be more susceptible to heart issues, so it is very important they never ignore even the slightest left sided pain. Even if your doctor visit proves there’s no issue, ignoring this type of pain, which is one of the symptoms of a heart attack, could lead to death.

Also make sure to have your bones checked, and the rest of the body. Your body deteriorates as you get older, not matter how healthy a life you lived, so your doctor is the key to early detection and long life.