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  • December 19th, 2018
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Most of us have experienced the stress that is involved when we move from one home to another. But the stress can be increased and compounded when you are moving abroad. Preparing yourself for the move will greatly reduce the amount of stress involved, and it will also benefit you to use the services of a professional removal company. By using a company to move your belongings they can arrange all of the transport, as well as deal with any issues with clearing customs, which can make the process a lot easier. If you wish to move as cheaply as possible, then you will be best doing as much of the packing yourself as possible. You will also need to arrange everything that you are going to need to pack up your belongings.

  • Bulk moving supplies – Packing material, packing tape, removal boxes, marker pens
  • Shipping Container – To load all of your boxes and furniture into
  • Shipping Company – To arrange shipping of your container and assist with customs clearance.
  • Storage – You may need to have your shipping container stored before you ship it, or even when it arrives at your destination before you find a place to live.

Packing up your Belongings

When you have chosen a company to assist you with your move and have also sourced your moving supplies, it is time to start packing and getting ready for your move. There is no short cut to this process, but with a bit of hard work and planning you can make it go quite smoothly. You can start packing up boxes using discounted moving packs before your shipping container arrives and you are best to pick one room of your house and pack it entirely before moving on to the next one. Make sure that you place the heaviest objects in the bottom of the box and use plenty of packing materials to protect any delicate items. Then when your box is full and not over packed, seal it up securely and take your marker pen and write on the side which room the contents came from, and a brief description of the contents. This will make the process of unpacking at your destination a lot easier. Keep going until the room is all packed up and then move on to the next one until all of your belongings are packed up.

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Loading up your Shipping Container

When you have packed everything into boxes and taken all of the furniture apart that can be disassembled, it is time to start loading this into your shipping container. You will need to try and spread the weight evenly across the floor of the shipping container to make sure that it is stable when it is being transported. You will need to place the heavier and bulkier items in the middle of the shipping container and make sure that you use all of the bull rings to secure everything. You will most likely need to purchase your own straps in order to use these, but the company you hire your shipping container from may be able to assist you with this. You can stack all of the boxes around the edge of the shipping container, and when fully loaded, you can use a cargo net to secure everything to make sure that it will not move whilst being transported. You will have to remember to keep an inventory of the items being packed and hand this over to the company taking care of the transport, when you are fully packed. Once your shipping container is fully packed and has been collected, you are now free to travel to your new destination and start to look for your new home. Depending on how far afield you are moving, shipping times will vary so once you have found your new home, you may have to wait for your shipping container to arrive and for customs clearance. Once that process is complete it is time to unpack your belongings and move in properly to your new home, and start your new life abroad.

A labyrinth of unlabeled crap

A labyrinth of unlabeled crap