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  • December 19th, 2018
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When homeowners are trying to choose the material for their flooring, they often fail to consider a softwood such as pine. However, pine comes with a whole host of fantastic benefits, so it’s well worth taking the time to think about using it in your home.


An often cited drawback of wooden flooring is that it is typically much more expensive than other options, such as laminate or tiling. Pine might not be the cheapest flooring option on the market, but it does come at a lower price than the majority of hardwoods. This is due to the fact that there is a large supply of pine, and that it grows relatively quickly. For the beauty of wooden flooring without the traditional expense, pine is perfect.

Durable and Damage Resistant

Pine can easily be pressure treated, making it highly resistant to both decay and rot, so you won’t have to risk pulling it up in a few years’ time thanks to either issue. This is one of the reasons why pine is often seen in the bathroom. Additionally, though pine is naturally not as strong as a hardwood, it does stand up well against general bumps and knocks. Hardwoods might be tougher, but the difference isn’t significant when it comes to domestic flooring.


A Workman’s Best Friend

Unlike hardwood flooring options, pine is very easy to work with since it takes both nails and glue very well. It also demands less attention and can be laid down faster due to its relatively light weight. At the same time, pine is dense enough to hold nails once they are in, whereas other softwoods often lack the strength.

Beautiful Appearance

Despite its practical benefits, the most tempting reason to pick pine for your floor is likely to be its pleasing appearance. This is a wood that is highly prized for its warm yellow grain and subtle natural patterns – it really lights up a room in ways that hardwoods cannot. Additionally, pine will age well, turning slowly from light yellow to amber as the years go by.

Pine flooring presents a stunning appearance and will last for years to come, so it’s certainly an ideal choice for use in most homes across the country.

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