• Ray
  • February 26th, 2020
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With people getting married at older ages more often it makes sense that there is a chance to have more children attending weddings. You could always leave the kids at home, but they are part of the family and you may regret not having them there, even if they aren’t your kids.

Having a child friendly wedding takes a few simple steps, and if you follow them you can still pull off a stress-free wedding of your dreams. You just need to plan ahead, be prepared, and make sure you can keep those children occupied!

Make Them Part Of The Ceremony

You’ve picked the perfect venue, and based your decision on your dreams, the offerings of your venue, and of course, how much space you are going to need. If everyone is allowed to bring their children along you’ll need even more space.

Don’t hide children away from the ceremony. If you have children, or someone standing in your wedding does, enlist them as flower girl or ring bearer. If you have some talented young ones, have them sing or their band play a say. Make it fun for them and they’ll be more enjoyable.

Give Them Something Quiet To Do

If you don’t have a job for them to do, but still want children at your wedding, give them something to do to keep them quiet. While you may not be able to prevent crying or outbursts while you are walking down the aisle, all you can do is be prepared for it and keep smiling and walking.

When it comes to table time, include fun games for kids to play that will keep them from getting bored (and then loud). You can include crayons and coloring pages, or even little craft projects to keep little hands busy.

Have A Gift For Each Child

Let the kids take home their coloring pages or crafts, but give them a little something more than that. Just like you give your groomsmen and your bridesmaids a gift for being a part of your special day, have something to give the kids. You’ll need to know how many will be in attendance, and how many will be boys and how many girls.


Put together goodie bags for boys and girls, or even gender neutral gifts. Include candy, jewelry, small plush toys and small action figures, or anything else you can think of that kids like. You may want different baggies for different age groups as well.
Weddings don’t just have to be an adult affair. You can invite the kids and still enjoy that special day while the little ones get to have fun and feel like they are a part of the most important day of your life.