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  • December 19th, 2018
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Most people will tell you that to fix a defective drain, you should call a plumber to take care of the job. But this is a mistake that many make. Although there are some plumbers who will clean, maintain and fix drains (click here to see an example), most plumbers aren’t really qualified to look after drains. However, there are specialist companies in the UK that service drains using personnel such as experienced engineers. The following article will document some of the more important questions you must ask a drainage company before hiring them.

Do they include a call out charge?

Several drainage companies across the South East of the UK now charge for basic call out services, before they even begin any work they charge you for requesting them to come out and look at your problem. So, before you’ve even decided to use the company, you already owe them money. Blocked drains can be a nightmare, and all residential owners want them attended to as soon as possible, but for an affordable price. If you require domestic drainage in Dartford, do some research and hire a company who offer great prices and no call out charges.

Are they fully licenced?

When it comes to construction and household repairs, unfortunately, there are several illegitimate companies that operate in the industry. Before hiring an organisation, make sure their staff holds the right kind of qualifications. This means checking to see if they are fully trained and capable of carrying out what is necessary to complete the task. If you have a block drained in Kent, you’ll want an experienced technician to come and assess the problem.

Are they carrying the right type of equipment?

Repairing a drain can be a challenging task, especially without the right type of equipment, your drainage system is extremely important when it comes to controlling the flow of rainwater off your home, if it isn’t repaired or replaced properly it can cause water to pool in areas which results in flooding. This is where a general plumber won’t be as useful as a specialist drain technician. So before hiring anyone, you may need to learn more about the exact services they offer and what equipment they will be using.

Is your estimate all inclusive?

This question is probably the most important one to ask any repair service, you don’t want the drainage technician to turn around to you at the end of the job and hand you an invoice with loads of additional costs. Obtain multiple quotes and only use a recognised, local drainage repair service.

What is your pricing structure?

You’ll want to know whether they charge per hour or do they work off a flat rate. Some dodgy companies will try to extend the job far beyond its needs and make you pay a substantial rate on completion. Be sure to agree on a price before you decide to hire a drainage specialist, put it in writing to avoid any confusion.

It is vital that you do some background checks on the company you are hiring before availing of their services, unfortunately there are some unsavoury characters working in the industry who will rip you off the minute they get the chance. Ask things important questions to find out more about the company and personnel who work for them before making any arrangements.