• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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When it comes to any experience you’d have with a hot tub, size definitely matters, whether you’re planning on buying and installing one for your home or indeed if you’re going away on holiday and you want a room with a hot tub in it. As much as size matters however, it matters in different ways depending on what point of view you’re looking at it from.

If you’re going to have an indoor hot tub installed in your home, for example, a bigger hot tub will have greater cost implications for you, both in terms of its purchase and its installation. Size also has implications with regards to its operation and maintenance.

Generally the bigger the hot tub, the more expensive it’ll be to buy and the higher the costs of its operation will be in terms of filling it up with water – filling it up with hot water which you’ll want to keep warm for as long as possible. There’s also the power that has to go into operating some of its other features like the jets and in some of the hot tubs the self-cleaning mechanisms.

On the flip side of the size consideration is when you’re not seeking to own the hot tub yourself and you’re perhaps away on holiday somewhere where a hot tub comes with your room. In that case, then size still matters, but that’s when you’ll want to go as big as you can possibly get. After all, the price of the water and lights is built into the room rate, so you can Jacuzzi it up to your heart’s content. That is after all what hot tubs are made for – to be fully enjoyed as long and as much as you can.

Going back to the size consideration in relation to installing a hot tub in your home, unless you’re having it fitted in a recently built home with a more modern architectural plan and design, chances are the interior profile of your bathroom isn’t really optimised for a hot tub. Hot tubs are primarily for entertainment and relaxation in any case, so you’d perhaps not want to install it in your bathroom.

Hot tubs go best in entertainment areas and that’s why some are even best placed outside or built into the decking in your outdoor space.

Since the biggest hot tubs can get really expensive because of their size, however, one can perhaps go for portable hot tubs which are also known as inflatable hot tubs. Portable hot tubs have become seriously sophisticated these days with just about as many features as you can get in a permanent hot tub.

Design-wise portable hot tubs have also come very far and you can probably quite easily find one that fits in with the outdoor surroundings you’ll be using it in, so going portable with your choice in hot tubs can have you enjoying the biggest hot tub you can get.

However, all this being said, maybe a hot tub purchase isn’t for you. Summer is fast approaching and making a hot tub decision is a big one. Take a look into last minute hot tub breaks to ‘test the water’. There are loads on offer all around the UK and it’s well worth looking into before taking the plunge.

We’ve booked through iknow UK before, they have so much choice for hot tub  holidays and hot tub breaks. They have a great selection of cottages with hot tubs.

So as much as size matters with your hot tub, it ultimately comes down to your personal experience with it, so it’s not simply a matter of the bigger the better.