• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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When we first were married, we lived in an apartment for about a year. The furniture we had put together during our time together up to the point of moving into the flat was a mishmash of various pieces, none of which matched. For example, we had an old 2 seater sofa that had 2 cushions that belonged to something else, two armchairs, neither of which matched, a coffee table that doubled as a chess board, a kitchen table made of laminex and the three chairs we had scrounged, also none of which matched. But when you are first married, the furniture doesn’t play a huge part in your daily life and the friends that came around for drinks or a meal seem to understand that it’s a marital phase that we all go through.


After the apartment came our first house, a wee thing nestled in the suburbs and honestly, you couldn’t fit a lot of stuff in there anyway. But we did our best and added bits and pieces as the years went by. Not everything matched, nor was it all that comfy, but we were still able to snuggle up on the sofa in front of the heater and watch a bit of TV or a movie.


Then comes the first baby. We were lucky enough to be able to buy a bigger home and we opted for moving a little further out of the city so that we could afford something slightly larger and with a bit of character. The furniture changed as well. In fact, it was a really sad reason that we changed the style of furniture we started buying. My grandad passed away about 15 years ago and just a few months ago, granny died too. She had stayed in the old house they had and over their years there they had purchased solid wood furniture as it was rather fashionable to do that decades ago. Anyway, when she passed away, we all got to share in the stuff left behind, which included all the furniture. Because it was all solid wood, its condition was unbelievably good, and some pieces were over 100 years old, stuff they had inherited from their parents and grandparents, by the look of it.


We ended up with a solid oak bedhead and the two bedside tables, a coffee table that weighed at least 200 kg, a couple of wardrobes and an unbelievably beautiful old desk made of teak with cherry wood inlays. So what we did after having all this stuff passed onto us, we added solid wood furniture whenever anything of ours needed replacing. The wood really goes well with the old home we have, keeps everything in character. The only place we relented was in the kitchen and bathroom where we used mainly stainless steel and more practical elements for those areas. However, in the kitchen, when we renovated, we replaced all the cupboards with solid wood. Looks great!