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  • December 19th, 2018
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If you like the thrill playing at a casino but don’t want to venture out of the house, there’s plenty of ways you can still access the various games.

There are now thousands of online sites offering casino games and advancements in technology is set to ramp that up to a whole new level.


Virtual reality allows users the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different environment and it’s a technology that could revolutionise the online gambling industry.


Read on for the top three games you could play in a virtual reality casino.




Poker and blackjack are the two most popular casino card games, with the latter arguably the easiest one to understand.


Using a VR-ready computer and a suitable headset, players can step into their chosen establishment and could be used to meet up with relatives or friends, wherever they are in the world, to take on the dealer at blackjack.


Playing virtual reality casino games like blackjack opens up a wealth of possibilities for the user, enabling players to step into a completely different world from the comfort of their own living room.



Roulette is incredibly popular in casinos across the world, with the crazy suspense of wondering where the ball will land appealing to professionals and beginners alike.


The game takes on another dimension with the involvement of a croupier and other players around the table, and VR gives you the opportunity to experience this.


VR Roulette will allow you to interact in the same way you would in real-life casino, by either placing bets of your own or observing other players at the table to check out their strategies.


You’ll have your stack of chips in front of you and be able to move around the room to another if you need a change of luck.


Slot machines


No casino would be complete without banks of slots machines featuring cascading lights, fun music and that undeniable thrill of hearing coins drop into the winning tray.


Online slots have tried to replicate the real thing, but VR promises to replicate the experience with remarkable realism.


The world’s first 3D virtual reality online casino, SlotsMillion, was launched in 2017 and gives players access to a portfolio of more than 700 slots from 26 different game developers.


Owners of an Oculus Rift headset can walk through the doors of the SlotsMillion VR Casino, which is located on the virtual top floor of a modern, sleek skyscraper building and boasts a lounge, bar and dozens of slot machines.