• Ray
  • December 19th, 2018
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Ending a marriage always comes with some measure of regret. Many persons also expect divorce to disintegrate into bitterness as the spouses fight tooth and nail over who gets what. That doesn’t have to be the case in your divorce.

Here are 4 of the most important reasons to aim for an amicable divorce settlement.


An agreeable result preserves civility between spouses:


Remaining civil during your divorce proceedings doesn’t mean you’ll be giving up what is rightfully yours just to keep the peace. It simply calls for you to understand and respect each other’s rights and be willing to compromise – if the compromise is done in an equitable fashion.


This is why it is a good decision for each of you to work with an attorney. The attorneys at CaseyNelsonLaw.com and similar law firms which specialize in divorce cases will ensure that the law and your rights are given full consideration as the divorce proceeds.


There is less stress for all involved:


Stress levels can run high during a divorce, especially young children, who often feel that they are to blame for their parents’ marriage failing. This feeling of guilt is not alleviated when the divorce becomes an acrimonious affair. In fact, since parents tend to squabble over a custody arrangement and how to assess child support, children end up feeling guiltier.


When you and your spouse work amicably on your divorce, then you have the time and energy to also focus on your children. You can be more mindful of how your children are handling the divorce and offer them reassurance if they are feeling overwhelmed by it.


You avoid having your divorce play out in court:


Matters, such as details of your family life and family finances, are aired in a publicly accessible manner when your divorce goes to court. Taking whatever private disputes and differences, you and your spouse have into the public arena of family court is probably not an option you would like to consider – few divorcing couples do.


Furthermore, if you and your spouse cannot work together to amicably resolve your divorce and it ends up being litigated in court, then it will be the judge, not the two of you who were in the marriage, who dictates the final outcome.


Coming to an agreeable result saves money:


Money often becomes the focus in the dissolution of a marriage. A great portion of time and effort is spent valuating and dividing assets equitably, and ironing out the details of spousal and child support.


Some couples fail to realize, however, that by avoiding going to court with their divorce, they are sparing themselves from having to pay hefty legal fees. The total cost of a litigated divorce can run into tens of thousands of dollars. That’s money which could be better spent for the benefit of all involved in the divorce, including children.


As you pursue your divorce, bear in mind the many benefits to be had if you and your spouse remain on good terms throughout the proceedings. There will always be bitter divorces, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them.